The beginning

My primary requirement for buying another bike was to be a test bed for the My15M. This included testing units before I shipped them and also for development of new features.

I decided against getting a Ducati due to complexity and cost of servicing. I already had a Sport 1100 Corsa and a Cali 1100 so I thought the Breva 750 would be an interesting change. It also comes with the hardware to run closed loop without me having to do anything.

The first ride

The Breva 750 is surprising polished compared to my other Guzzis. Light and nimble, it will be a good commuter and general around town mule. Its also the only one of my bikes my wife will go pillion on.

It became apparent straight away that the fuel injection was not what it should be. Possibly due to incorrect setup or perhaps thats the way they are, it was reluctant to respond crisply to throttle off idle. There was slight surging at constant throttle and the headers were well on their way to being blue. My initial plan to run the first tank of fuel with the original ECU was quickly changed to putting my unit on ASAP.

The first steps with My15M

This was a good opportunity to go through what all MyECU users go through. Same starting point of MyECU, open loop, with the map from my Sport 1100. Of course I also have the Optimiser to make things easier.

First off I warmed up the bike with the original controller.Warm starts are usually easier.Then I swap the ECU with MyECU. I note the throttle value of 61 with no throttle. I will use 60 as the TPS base in the map. It starts straight away but soon dies and will not restart. This is expected for the first attempt. I swap back the original ECU and start the bike and then put MyECU in again.

I restart the bike and am ready with the throttle to keep the bike running. Its a but of a pig to keep it running but I'm able to go into the autotune menu of the Optimiser and turn the adjustment knob. I find that a 5-10% enrichment is required to produce a sweet idle. I also note the voltages the gas sensor is giving as I tweak the mixture. Looks like 0.9V is a good target.This concludes the first half hour session

The second session

Armed with data with the first session, I use the ECUController to richen the entire map by 10%. I also richen up the starting parameters in the hope that this is needed also. Target voltages are added and the TPS base set.The resulting map is downloaded into the ECU.

The next afternoon I'm ready to try again. Feeling optimistic I'll try a cold start. The bike starts as easily as the original ECU and easier than my other 2 bikes.Response to throttle is not the best but things are going well enough to try a short ride. Closed loop is enabled so that I can do some remapping.

At the end of the street I hit the first snag. A turn up hill and I find the bike has no power to go. The engine is still too cold for the closed loop to function yet. I enter the manual tuning menu in the Optimiser and dial in another 10% and off it goes. I'm surprise the engine wasn't back firing due to the lean condition.

Soon the closed loop is operational and I exit the manual tuning. The bike is performing well now but I'm seeing closed loop correction values of 20% and more. This initial map is way off. I enter the autotune menu and have a short ride of about 10 minutes through the back streets. This is the resultant map

Improving the map

The map seems to be about 15% too lean at low throttle. I could just continue riding closed loop and let the Optimiser smooth things out in time. The large difference though is going to cause a deterioration in the map as the closed loop which currently will sit steady at about +15%, will have to swing from 0% at the points that have been fixed and +15% on those that haven't.

Instead I will manually richen up the map. 15% for the lower quarter, 10% for the next, 5% for the next and none for the top resulting in this map. This should give me a map that is closer to that required and one which the Optimiser can fix without causing big discontinuities.