Is MyECU for you?

Reasons for considering MyECU

There are a number of reasons you may be considering My16M for your bike. These may be

  • The performance of the WM16M
  • The lack of adjustment of the OEM ECU
  • The fragility of WM16M
  • The fear of the unknown black box

To address these individually

The performance of the WM16M

We've all heard of or experienced the glitches from this unit, the misses while cruising at constant speed, the failure to idle. Both inexplicable and quite frustrating. Quite simply it shouldn't happen and its hard to imagine that Moto Guzzi/Weber Marelli have not been able to address these issues with a fix. It shouldn't be that hard to fix surely.

One other area I feel is not right is the barometric compensation. My bike seemed to have a variation in performance from day to day. Either they under compensate or over compensate for air pressure and temperature.

The lack of adjustment of the OEM ECU

The OEM ECU has its mapping information in a memory chip so theoretically the timing and mixture can be changed. However the praticalities are that it is rare to find anyone with the capability to perform this adjustment. While there are third party chips available, these are hardly a customised map.

In fact even the later WM15M, which has the map in a flashable memory chip, is no better in this regard. Some aftermarket exhaust systems even come with a brand new ECU.

The fragility of WM16M

Many people have reported blown ECUs, be it from bad earths or in my case a failed battery. They can be fixed at great cost and time. It cost me over $1000 ( including a new battery ) and 4 weeks before the bike was on the road again. I've even heard of some who have got their ECU working again but it is not the same as before for some reason.

The fear of the unknown black (silver) box

It is rather ironic that while one of the reasons we chose to have a Guzzi was ease of maintenance and simplicity, we have this ECU controller we know little about and can do little with. Not only that, it is hard to find out anything about it. Even the dealers are mystified to a great degree by the unit, many having to diagnose units with the help of the importers.


There are a number of solutions, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These solutions are

  • The after market chip
  • The Add On black box
  • MyECU

Again addressing these one by one

The after market chip/ flash upgrade

Well you can't have a solution much simpler to apply than this. If the only thing you're trying to fix is the performance, this may be all you need. This is however the only thing that will be fixed as the other (possible) problems are not addressed with this solution. The other disadvantages are that there may not be a map to suit your particular bike. If you change your bike's configuration you're probably up for another chip. The misses and stalls may not be completely eliminated but reduced to a tolerable level. It is possible to both adjust mixture and spark advance with an after market chip as well as address some of the compensation tables used for air pressure and oil temperature, etc.

The Add On black box

It's a lot more expensive to buy and a little more complicated to install. You now have two black boxes, but at least you can reconfigure the bike to a degree. Although technically not an elegant solution, that argument really does not carry much weight as the bottom line is whether it works or not. As far as I'm aware, the Power Commander is the only option available here. It allows adjustment of the mixture only and is good for correcting the original mapping. It is currently not possible to adjust spark advance. If you're original problem involves the missing at 3000 RPM, this can at best improve the problem but not eliminate it.


MyECU is a replacement for the original controller. Cost is similar to that of the Power Commander. Installation is a breeze. Simply remove the original controller and replace with MyECU.

MyECU is infinitely ( well a very large number ) adjustable. MyECU allows finer adjustments of spark and injector timing than the OEM ECU allows. This flexibility should be enough cater for all possible combinations of exhausts, inlets etc.

My16M doesn't suffer the 3000 to 4000RPM miss or the idle stall problem of the Weber Marelli. Most My16M users now have a perfect idle and virtually no missing at all. Drivability below 3000 RPM is greatly improved from the WM and some users are only now able to run their bike down there with My16M.

It is unknown whether My16M will be better or worse in regard to being zapped. If it does fail it is simple and cheap to fault find and repair. All the components are readily available, except for the pre-programmed chip which is only available from me.

MyECU solves the problem of the unknown black box by not only by providing schematics, but also by openly documenting formats of maps and communication protocols used by the MyECU. Furthermore the ECUController that can diagnose the MyECU and the bike. No longer will you be wondering if the TPS is adjusted correctly or if the various other sensors are Ok. All the information is available to you