Rec-Ignition Module

Breaking news -- Fri Mar 26 2010. A RecIgnition has replaced a Digiplex ignition module on a Guzzi Nevada 750. Prices for the kit and the assembled unit have been reduced.

The Rec-Ignition Ignition Module

Rec-Ignition is a simple, cost effective dual coil ignition system that will suit most bikes.

Features of Rec-Ignition are still being finalized. Like the MyECU, Rec-Ignition is capable of being upgraded in the field.

Current Features

  • Works with standard points/condenser - allowing for simple installation.
  • Works with Dyna hall effect pickup - allowing for simple upgrade.
  • Works as Digiplex Ignition replacement - allowing for simple upgrade.
  • Ignition Failsafe - Leaving the ignition on will not damage a coil or Rec-Ignition.
  • Cooler Coils - Coils are only energized long enough to produce a good spark ( Points can run the coils at 50%, Dyna at close to 100% !! )
  • Dwell extension - At higher RPM the coil charge time is extended beyond what the points would allow.This ensures the brightest spark the coil is capable of producing.
  • Input Debouncing - This tends to eliminate problems caused by switch bounce.
  • Inbuilt advance - You can remove the mechanical advance.
  • Repairable

Rotary Switch selection

PositionCoil charge time Advance Curve
0 2.5ms No advance
1 2.5ms Curve 1
2 2.5ms Curve 2
3 2.5ms Curve 3
4 5ms No advance
5 5ms Curve 1
6 5ms Curve 2
7 5ms Curve 3
8 7.5ms No advance
9 7.5ms Curve 1
A 7.5ms Curve 2
B 7.5ms Curve 3
C 10ms No advance
D 10ms Curve 1
E 10ms Curve 2
F 10ms Curve 3

If running off points, no advance should be selected. Generally it is not possible to predict advance accurately with points.

The coil charge time depends on the coil, particularly its impedance. You should try and use the minimal coil charge possible to reduce power dissipation in coils and Rec-Ignition unit. For 3ohm coils I suggest 5ms. Some of the newer bike use 0.7 ohm coils.If using these set charge time to 2.5ms.It is very possibly to cook the Rec-Ignition transistors with these coils.These low impedance coils should not be used with a points.

Curve 1 advances to 25 degrees, curve 2 to 30 degrees and curve 3 to 35 degrees. This is on top of any static advance the pickup may be set up with.

Future Possibilities

  • Programmable advance curves
  • Reluctor pickups
  • Multiple spark


Rec-Ignition is available as a kit or assembled and tested. Click here for kit assembly instructions.
Installation instructions are here.

Full Kit supplied which includes all necessary components. AU$80 ( + GST $8 for Aus. )
Assembled and tested. AU$170 ( + GST $17 for Aus. )

Within Australia, postage is $10 for both the assembled Rec-Ignition and for the kit.
To the USA, postage is $15 for the assembled Rec-Ignition and for the kit.
Other international postage is $20 for the assembled Rec-Ignition and for the kit.

Note: Prices may change without notice.