Rec-Ignition Installation

Standard Points

The Diagram 1 to the right shows the original ignition setup ( Only 1 coil shown ). One side of the coil connects to 12V via the ignition key. A wire from the other side of the coil goes to the points/condensor.

The Diagram 2 shows how Rec-Ignition is connected.

  1. The Gnd Rec-Ignition terminal is connected to a solid earth on the bike. This could be the negative of the battery or the engine, etc.
  2. The 12V Rec-Ignition terminal is connected to the 12V side of the coil.
  3. The connection between the coil and the points is broken and the half that connects to the coil is connected to he Out1 Rec-Ignition terminal, the half that connects to the points is connected to the In1 Rec-Ignition terminal.
  4. Repeat previous step for the 2nd coil using In2 and Out2.

Diagram 1
Standard Points
Diagram 2
Rec-Ignition with Standard Points

Dyna replacement

Diagram 3 to the right shows the original Dyna ignition setup.

Diagram 4 shows how Rec-Ignition is connected to the Dyna pickups.
As can be seen from the nearly identical diagrams, the RecIgnition is one for one replacement for the dyna module.

One important thing to note is the RecIgnition uses the input pulse differently to the Dyna (reversed polarity). The upshot of this difference is you will need to advance the pickup mechanism a fair amount from what the Dyna used. I have seen this adjustment done rather easily by loosening the distributer and while cranking advancing the distributer until it fires and starts. Then while idling at 1000RPM set the distributor so that it gives around 5 degrees of advance.

Diagram 3
Standard Dyna
Diagram 4
Rec-Ignition with Dyna pickups

Digiplex replacement

Diagram 5 to the right shows the original Digiplex ignition setup. There are a few other connections for diagnostics and spark retard but these can be ignored.

Refer to Diagram 4 for connection as it is the same except for the Dyna pickup. For the pickup, connect the signal to In1. The shield needs to be connected to the ground input. In2 is unused.

The Digiplex has a manifold pressure input. This is not used by RecIgnition and the tube should be sealed or removed.

Diagram 5
Digiplex setup