About MyECU


The My16M MkII

Development of My16M was started in October 2001 after an unfortunate episode where a failed battery took out the WM16M on my Moto Guzzi 1100i Sport Corsa leaving me stranded at the side of the road. It took about four weeks and over AU$1000 to get the bike on the road again. That failure, plus the fact that the WM16M didn't perform up to my expectations, plus the fact that I thought I could do better, plus the latent desire to design an engine controller, all contributed to my starting the My16M project. The Early History chronicles the initial development of My16M and has some amusing pictures of the prototype.

Although the OEM ECUs are quite different, the MyECUs are very similar, being just a repackaging of the same MyECU. All MyECU features are the same except where noted. This includes closed loop, use of the Optimser.

Reality check

MyECU is the development of one individual. I'm not a company of thousands of engineers like Weber Marelli. I cannot hope to provide you with the quick response and fixes that you have come to expect from Weber Marelli.


The MyP8 is a functional replacement for the Weber Marelli P7/P8 ECU (herein referred to as the WMP8). The WMP8 is used on MotoGuzzi, Ducati and Laverda motocycles prior to the WM16M although some model bikes like the Moto Guzzi California used this up to 1999.

Special note: Do to the rarity and cost of OEM P8s on ebay I'm unable to offer these as assembled ECUs. I can perform an upgrade of your ECU. Also kits of the MyP8 are not available at the moment.

Mini MyP8

The MiniMyP8 is the same as the MyP8 except the circuit board has been design to suit the 16M case. This gets around the scarcity of the OEM P8 while also othering a much smaller unit than the original P8. No changes to the wiring are required but there may be some minor work for mounting.


The My16M is a functional replacement for the Weber Marelli 16M ECU (herein referred to as the WM16M). The WM16M is used on Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Laverda motocycles between the years 1996-2000.


The My15M is a functional replacement for the Weber Marelli 15M ECU (herein referred to as the WM15M). The WM15M is used on Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Laverda motocycles post 2000.

Features of MyECU

  • MyECU has most of the features of the OEM ECU (I don't have a feature list) plus more. It interfaces to all the sensors that the OEM ECU uses
    • Oil temperature sensor
    • Air temperature sensor
    • Air pressure sensor
    • Throttle position sensor
    • Engine position sensor
  • Automatic choke for cold starting.
  • Automatic compensation for changing atmospheric conditions.

New features not found in the OEM ECU

  • Ability to tune/diagnose the bike on the road with the optional Optimiser.
  • Free Win32 program to tune/diagnose the bike from a PC.
  • Better diagnostic ability via the Optimiser or the above mentioned Win32 program.
  • Ongoing development.
  • Open hardware - schematics for MyECU are available from this site and all components are readily available.
  • Optional closed loop operation (requires an exhaust gas oxygen sensor). Closed loop can be disabled for selected sections of the map.
  • Throttle pump emulation
  • Individual mixture control for each cylinder
  • Individual gas sensor input for each cylinder

Ongoing development

MyECU is still undergoing further development, some enhancements that are planned are