How My16M works.

This page gives an overview of how the My16M ECU works. Most of the following is also applicable to the Weber Marelli 16M and engine controllers generally.

The primary requirement of the ECU is to deliver a measured portion of fuel to the engine and igniting the fuel/air mixture at the appropriate time. The fuel is delivered to the engine by energising the fuel injectors and the ignition is the result of energising the spark plug coil. Sounds basic enough. The tricky part is knowing how much fuel deliver and when, and when to energise the spark coil.

Below is a system view of the ECU and supporting devices. Click on the links to view further details in the below window.

Engine Position
Throttle Position
Oil Temperature
Air Temperature
Air Pressure
Left Spark Coil and Right Spark Coil
Left Injector and Right Injector
ECU power relay and Fuel pump relay