My16M - Latest Developments

26 Nov 2007 - Price adjustments

I've made some minor adjustments to the pricing for all units. I've seperated the postage from the pricing. We don't want to be paying import duties on postage do we?

27 July 2007 - First century, MkIII, differential cylinder fueling, more configuration.

Wow these updates are getting fairly infrequent. Perhaps that's a sign of a maturing product. I recently shipped the 100th MyECU, kits and fully assembled. This month there is a 10 page article in the Italian magazine, Moto tecnica, written by My16M kit builder GIOVANNI MOGLIA

All of the MyP8, My16M and My15M have been released in MkIII versions. This version has a voltage boost capability that is used to help MyECU remain adequately powered while starting.

Differential fueling is complete. The first cylinder works from the injector duration map as before. A new table in the map specifies a correction to be made for the 2nd cylinder.

MyECU now has the capability to track 2 lambda sensors independantly.

Mixture correction tables for oil temperature (choking) and air temperature are now configurable from the map

5 May 2006 - Price adjustments, My15M MkII ready to go.

I've made some minor adjustments to the pricing for all units. Basically I've seperated the GST ( local 10% tax) from the pricing. Those overseas should find prices reduced about 10%. Locals will find prices little changed.

The My15M MkII has been running trouble free on my Breva for the last couple of weeks so I declare them ready to go.

22 April 2006 - First of the MkII MyECUs

You may have thought things were getting quiet here given the sparse updates of late. Behind the scenes, things have been progressing on many fronts.

Firstly there have been changes to the hardware. All the MkII ECUs have the capability to run with two gas sensors ( Firmware still to be done ). Enhancements soon to be added are differential cylinder mapping, dual independent closed loop operation, up shift gear change input.

First of the rank is the My16M MkII . You might notice that the PCB has been redesigned to fit directly onto the original ECU connector. Building My16M has never been easier.

The My15M MkII is not far behind. In addition to the Mk II common enhancements, the board has been redesigned to make it easier to build. More of the components are through hole rather than the hybrid surface mount used previously. I expect to receive the first batch of production PCBs next Friday.

4 April 2006 - I now own a Breva 750

Just picked up a Breva 750. The third Guzzi in my stable. It is a sickness. This is so that I can test My15M properly before shipping. I've outlined the "MyECU procedure" here as it is typical of what a new user of MyECU will go through.

5 November 2005 - New product, the MyTLS

A new variant of MyECU for the Suzuki TL1000 has just been finished. The race bike in question will soon be headed to the dyno after some initial testing. Now to finish off the MyRotax.

18 June 2005 - New product, the Rec-Ignition

For those non fuel injected bike here is preview of a simple inexpensive ignition module.

16 April 2005 - New starting code, injector advance back in the map, MyP8 MkII, new look Web Site

Yet another go at getting cold starts perfect and this time I'm pretty close. Wayne MacDonald of Tuneboy fame has given me some insight into the workings of the OEM controller. The main change is the addition of a priming injector pulse, applied at the start of cranking.

Injector advance has made its way back into the map. This was a requested feature for one of my ECUs on a 50cc 2 stroke direct injection scooter.

I was not completely happy with the MyP8. This was a spin off of the My16M ( actually same PCB ). Although it worked very well, starting the bike wasn't as good as it should have been. I've now redesigned the PCB board to fit the OEM case and connector.

Coming very soon is a new look web site. Professionally designed no less.

29 Dec 2004 - Better support for wideband O2 sensors,multiple O2 targets, a shift in focus towards FWM

The latest O2 wideband sensors are now supported by allowing for a 5 volt signal range and allowing for inverted signal ( leaner is more voltage ). In addition

To take full advantage of wideband O2 sensors, it is now possible to set 8 O2 target voltage levels. Every map data point can reference one of these O2 targets. This allows greater tuning flexibility by allowing the cruise section of the map to be leaned and the power sections to be richened. Other parts can be made open loop.

The FWM (F**cked Weber Marelli) is now the preferred variant of my ECU. The assembled and tested versions of my ECU will now be built into an original case (subject to availability) at no extra cost. The original ECU packaging will still be available for those special projects. This site will be slowly updated to reflect this change in emphasis.

18 Jul 2004 - MyRotax ready for testing, New starting code and a bug find

MyRotax has been in development for a couple of months now. It's designed to replace the controller on some of the Aprilia twins. The PCB has been designed to use the original connectors. Initial static testing on the bike looks good, final validation of the software is underway and hopefully we will have a bike running at the end of this week. MyRotax shares all the features of My16M and is able to drive all 4 spark plugs.

The cold starting code has been revisited. It now utilizes a 500RPM column from the new bigger map and a simple cold boost multiplication. This results in more consistent performance than the original code that was finicky to set up and prone to flooding.

I've managed to find a bug in my timing code. A small window ( 1us ) existed where the queueing of events can go wrong resulting in occasional misses at certain RPMS. I've only had short rides on my Sport and Cali since, but so far I've not detected any misses at all :-).

6 May 2004 - More map points

I've increased the map from 12 by 12 to 15 throttle points by 16 RPM points. This allows finer granularity in tuning the bike and brings My16M to being on par with the Weber Marelli ECU. It has 16x16 points although the first couple of throttle points are below the idle position.

Keep an eye out updates for the Sport Corsa in Finland. I've recently been told that the first 700km have been done and the site will soon have some further updates.

21 Mar 2004 - My15M-FWM - works

The local Guzzi dealer had a 2002 lemans come in for its first service today and allowed me to test my unit on it. First off we hooked it up and turned the ignition on. All the numbers on the Optimiser looked good and nothing frying on the board or bike. Next we put the original ECU on the bike and warmed it up. Then back to my controller and turned it over with no throttle. Nothing seemed to happen. Tried again with a little throttle and it roared into life.

Running was smooth although it needed a bit of throttle to keep from stopping. Considering I had neglected to configure the unit for the bike and the map was from my bike it was a pretty good result.

The cost of My15M will be the same as the My16M. Unfortunately I will not be able to offer this as a kit due to the surface mounted components.

28 Feb 2004 - My15M-FWM - complete

The assembly of My15M is completed and bench testing so far has revealed no problems. The next stage is to get hold of a local bike. Here is a shot of the first completed unit. It fits snuggly into the original case although a small cut out is required for the RJ45 connector. This is a shot of the under side of the board showing the pressure sensor from the Weber Marelli unit.

At this stage it is looking unlikely that My15M will be available in kit form. For one thing I'm not sure how I would offer pre-programmed chips. Soldering those SOT23 packaged transistors is a real challenge as is the microprocessor.

The good news is the cost of My15M is likely to be the same as the My16M but will require you to source a Weber 15M. This is likely to be easy as most of the after market exhaust systems ship with a new ECU. In fact Carl Allison has already sourced two of them. Features of the My15M are pretty much identical to that of My16M.

27 Feb 2004 - My15M-FWM - First sign of life

Got the printed circuit boards back this week. These are the 2nd version of the board. The first version was was a bit sad but was useful for checking fit. They didn't cost me anything anyway as the manufacturer was happy with his side of things.

The 2nd lot is looking good. I've done a minimal population of components, the voltage regulator, the processor and some connectors. So far I have been able to program it and have it talk successfully to my PC.

Now to finish populating the board and rustle up my guinea pig - ah fellow Guzzi enthusiast.

20 Jan 2004 - My15M-FWM nearly ready, A My16M users site

Its taken a few weeks to get the PCB for My15M layed out but I've finally sent it out to get the prototype made up. Should have the PCB next Monday. Essentially My15M is a repackaged My16M, there being little difference to the circuit ( at least I hope so ). I've allowed for the O2 sensor of the current models. Carl Allison has kindly donated a 15M ECU for the experiment and will ultimately become the owner of the first unit. Carl already has a My16M although due to mechanical problems has not been able to enjoy use of it. Now I just need to find a bike nearby to try it on.

A My16M-FWM is currently being fitted to a Sport Corsa in Finland. Probably be a few months before its gets out of the garage though

21 Dec 2003 - Anniversary of the first My16M installation

Time flies. It was the 23rd December 2003 when I installed the first My16M onto another rider's bike. Since that time My16M has been been installed onto 5 different types of bikes (1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro, Ducati 851 Strada and Cagiva Grand Canyon) and shipped to 3 continents. Plans for world domination are well underway. A surprisingly large fraction have gone to the Nordic region.

All have been very pleased with the results on their bike. I thought I'd throw in a few choice quotes from them about their first impressions. It has not been without issues though. Often the first days are spent just getting the bike to run at all, especially in the early days when there were still a few developmental issues,

"First impressions are that the throttle response is far crisper than the WM unit"

"It's smooth. Really smooth"

"There is no sign of the dreaded 2500-3500 RPM stutter... I lugged it and tried everything I knew would make the stutter RPM problem poke up"

"I'm grinning from ear to ear. I've always loved how this bike handled but just put up with the crappy ecu because it was just barely worth all the extra trouble. Now I'm just having too much fun."

"The Idle is more than perfect. It newer stopped. and start and slow driving is fine."

"The bike is now performing very well, there is no hiccup or hesitation at any point, the bike is revving up as a charm."

"Congratulations, Cliff, it is brilliant."

"... it was effing marvellous. Pete Roper was right about the smoothness, that is the first thing that is immediately noticeable."

"The bike is a dream to ride around town now. No more snatching at low RPM and so smooth, it feels like a four cylinder jap machine rather than a big lumpy twin. I can comfortably cruise at 2 - 2500 RPM and still accelerate, something it was impossible to do before."