Ordering MyECU

This page last modified 4 April 2022

MyECU consists of -

  1. The ECU. Note the case and connector are from a donor ECU and are thus not new.
  2. A bluetooth dongle to allow connection from an Android device to MyECU
  3. The Android Optimiser software which is free

MyECU is available in a number of ways as outlined below. Of course if you have more specific requirements, I will try to cater for them.

To order MyECU simply email me with your requirements and I will respond with delivery time estimates, currency conversion rates, payment details etc. Prices are valid from 1st December 2007

To find out what an Australian dollar is worth try the XE.com Currency Services UCC


Within Australia, postage is $12 for overnight express for both the assembled ECU and the kits.
For international there are too many options to. You can determine cost from here AusPost with these weights - Kits and My15M are 500g, My16M is 750g and MyP8 is 1.25kg.

MyECU assembled and tested - AU$599 (plus $59.90 GST if you live in Australia.)

Assembled and tested

MyECU and the communication cable are completed assembled and have been tested.

The availabilty of MyECU is dependent on the availability of OEM ECUs for cases and connectors.If you supply the OEM ECU to me for upgrading, the price is AU$499 (plus $49.90 GST if in Aus).

The MyECU is shipped with the lid off(supplied). This is to allow access to the configuration switches.

Full kit - AU$199(plus $19.90 GST if in Aus.)*1

The full kit has all the necessary components required to complete the ECU and the communications cable but excluding the case and connector from the Weber Marelli ECU. A spare ECU chip is recommended option.

*1 The My15M is AU$240 ($24 GST if in Aus.)and has some assembly already done to program and verify chip operation.