(Extracted from "Latest Development" - 21 Dec 2003 - Anniversary of the first My16M installation)

Time flies. It was the 23rd December 2003 when I installed the first My16M onto another rider's bike. Since that time My16M has been been installed onto 5 different types of bikes (1100 Sport, Daytona, Centauro, Ducati 851 Strada and Cagiva Grand Canyon) and shipped to 3 continents. Plans for world domination are well underway. A surprisingly large fraction have gone to the Nordic region.

All have been very pleased with the results on their bike. I thought I'd throw in a few choice quotes from them about their first impressions. It has not been without issues though. Often the first days are spent just getting the bike to run at all, especially in the early days when there were still a few developmental issues,

"First impressions are that the throttle response is far crisper than the WM unit"
"It's smooth. Really smooth"

"There is no sign of the dreaded 2500-3500 RPM stutter... I lugged it and tried everything I knew would make the stutter RPM problem poke up"

"I'm grinning from ear to ear. I've always loved how this bike handled but just put up with the crappy ecu because it was just barely worth all the extra trouble. Now I'm just having too much fun."

"The Idle is more than perfect. It newer stopped. and start and slow driving is fine."

"The bike is now performing very well, there is no hiccup or hesitation at any point, the bike is reving up as a charm."

"Congratulations, Cliff, it is brilliant."

"... it was effing marvelous. Pete Roper was right about the smoothness, that is the first thing that is immediately noticeable."

"The bike is a dream to ride around town now. No more snatching at low RPM and so smooth, it feels like a four cylinder jap machine rather than a big lumpy twin. I can comfortably cruise at 2 - 2500 RPM and still accelerate, something it was impossible to do before."